Cyprus Butterflies by Eddie John F. L. S., F. R. E. S.

A Guide to the Butterflies of Cyprus,

Cyprus Butterfly Recording Scheme and

Cyprus Butterfly Study Group

Summarising decades of research and collation of data on distribution, this new book has 15 chapters that include:

A review of butterfly research in Cyprus since the first documented account by Julius Lederer in 1855.



Butterfly behaviour, with an emphasis on migration.


Biodiversity and endemics.

Chapter 12 presents the species, each well illustrated with ca. six photographs of each species of butterfly and an example or two of hostplants. The text is fully up-to-date, comprehensive and, where relevant, refers to: i) the presence of the species in nearby countries of the eastern Mediterranean; ii) Distribution in Cyprus (each species having a detailed 5-km2 map, defining records from 2010 to date, 2000–2009, 1990–1999 and pre-1990, each shown as differently coloured dots); iii) Phenology; iv) Larval hostplants; v) Ecology and behaviour; vi) Description / identification aids; vii) Similar species and viii) Conservation status in Cyprus.

Potential species, i.e., those species yet to be confirmed for Cyprus such as Cacyreus marshalli (Geranium Bronze) and Gegenes nostrodamus (Mediterranean Skipper), both of which are possibly already present, and other species likely to appear due to range expansion or migration, are discussed.

At the launch of ‘Butterflies of Cyprus’ by Christodoulos Makris, Nicosia. May 2003: Eddie John (L) and Christodoulos Makris (R). (Editing by Eddie John). (Book now out of print.)


Butterflies of Cyprus -
by Christodoulos Makris, published in 2003.


This is a very detailed (1:150,000) map showing both
UTM and Lat/Long grids. It is a little cumbersome in use (three horizontal folds and with the island split vertically just east of Larnaka), but the presence of UTM grids far outweighs these disadvantages.

The map is highly recommended and is available from Amazon.

David Sparrow (L) and Eddie John (R) at the book launch and signing of An Introduction to the Wildlife of Cyprus, Limassol Town Hall, 30 November, 2016. Photo: Ros Sparrow

Now available from the usual specialist booksellers or from the publisher: